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About AST Mining

AST Mining is one of the world's leading hashrate providers, offering a wide range of cryptocurrency mining capabilities to newbies, interested home miners, and large investors. Our mission is to make cryptocurrency cloud mining easy and fast for everyone. We use the latest technology to provide multi-algorithm, multi-currency cloud mining services - without any mining pools and maintenance fees. The ultimate goal of our existence is to make cryptocurrency mining an easy, smart and rewarding experience for everyone.


Achieve ultimate performance using ASIC miner and new energy combination

World Wide Service

Servicing over 970K+ customers from 150+ countries

Minable Contract Packages

We offer a variety of contract packages available for purchase.


Our Advantages

User-Friendly Platform: Ast Mining takes pride in offering a user-friendly platform tailored for both novice and experienced miners. Our intuitive interface ensures easy navigation and a seamless mining experience for all users. Cutting-Edge New Energy Mining Technology: We stand out by incorporating the latest advancements in new energy mining technology. This commitment to innovation enables us to provide a secure and efficient platform for cryptocurrency mining, with optimized equipment for energy efficiency and maximum returns. Stability and Security: Ast Mining, stability and security are paramount. We prioritize safeguarding our users' investments through stringent security measures and risk management practices, providing a safe and reliable environment for mining activities.